Donation portal to be discontinued from May 15, 2014

For the last 4 years, the fundraising portal for NGOs run by Samhita has, for the most part, been the only free-of-charge portal in India. The portal saw registrations from over 3,000 NGOs, who underwent our rigorous two-stage due diligence process.

As we stepped into our fifth year, we conducted an extensive and objective assessment of our vision, goals and values, and have realized that our strength lies in building a strategic bridge between companies and foundations on the one hand, and NGOs and social enterprises on the other.

Through our consulting projects, we have facilitated CSR funds of INR 14 crore, and have also managed awards and grants of INR 24 crore. We realize that our networks and experience position us best to work for channelizing institutional funding into the non-profit space.

As a result of the above reflection, we have decided to close down our public donation portal starting May 15, 2014.

Please note that the donation portal will still exist but will only be available for customized campaigns. 

What this means
Samhita’s services to NGOs and social enterprises will now comprise of:

  • The Gazette, our bimonthly newsletter that is sent to all our registered NGOs. It contains an exhaustive listing of opportunities for funding, awards, training and self-development. If you do not receive it currently, please write to
  • Partnership opportunities with our clients looking for implementation partners for their CSR projects. This will be done through a fair process of RFPs
  • Customized fundraising campaigns that NGOs can run on the Samhita donation portal. If you are interested in  raising funds through a customized campaign, you can write to us at 
  • Trainings and networking opportunities organized by Samhita in the coming months

What this does NOT mean
We appreciate that each organization on our portal has put in considerable work to create a profile, upload relevant documents and go through the due diligence process. We assure you that NO DATA will be lost as a result of this decision. We will hold on to all the information you have shared with us and will ensure, as much as possible, to minimize duplication.

We are happy to answer questions that you may have regarding this decision. Please feel free to write to or call us at+91-88795 34777.