Sustainable Livelihoods

While India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies, it is also one of the most unequal countries. Economic opportunity and a sustainable, dignified livelihood for all is our goal.

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Becoming an all-rounder

Artisan: Salma Ben Rajanpur, Gujarat Supported by STFC’s sewing training 44-year-old Salma Ben comes from the Rajanpur area of Gujarat. “I am an all-rounder,” she says when asked about her skill set that makes her a growing artisan and micro-entrepreneur. “I have my sewing, tailoring business that runs out of my house. I do all […]


Enhancing Capabilities, Empowering Lives

This report maps the CSR trends in Skill development and Livelihoods of the 100 Indian companies with the largest CSR budgets on the BSE 500 and highlights major trends, identify gaps and opportunities in the skills and livelihood value chain and provides a roadmap for stakeholders.


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