CSR Trends & Opportunities in India: 2021

Samhita has conducted a CSR research study in collaboration with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), which coordinates Official Development Assistance for the government of Japan. JICA assists economic and social growth in developing countries, along with promoting international cooperation.

This research report on ‘CSR trends and opportunities in India’ maps the CSR landscape in India, as experienced by Japanese, Indian and MNC companies, as well as implementation partners (NGOs and Social Enterprises). The report achieves this by taking an in-depth look at the following:

  • National macro-level CSR trends on compliance, spending by cause areas, geographies and modes of implementation,
  • Findings surrounding the CSR approaches, types of approaches to CSR and challenges as reported during surveys and quantitative interviews conducted with Japanese companies, Indian companies and MNC companies operating in India,
  • Insights from qualitative interviews with implementation partners regarding their approaches to funding and CSR partnerships, benefits they see in engaging with CSR and challenges they face while building and maintaining CSR partnerships,
  • Defining features of an ideal CSR program and CSR trends in the near future,
  • CSR recommendations for Japanese companies operating in India and recommendations for JICA for creating a more enabling CSR ecosystem.