Manager – Administration

Are you passionate about turning around an organisation which is working with people having Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (NDD)? 

FAME India is a not-for-profit organisation set up in 2001, to enable and empower persons with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their caregivers to lead a meaningful life. FAME India (FI) focuses on building and maintaining skills of persons with neuro-developmental disabilities through early intervention; holistic education program which includes in house therapists, special educators, and counsellors. The team delivers continuous, high-quality engagement in the areas of daily living, life skills, vocational skills, social inclusion, recreation, health, safety, and complete well-being for every individual (beneficiaries & caregivers) in our community. FI is entering a new phase of renewal and reorganisation and is looking for a resourceful manager in the Managing Trustee’s office.

Job Description 

The primary job of the Manager – Administration is to drive the effectiveness of the organization and its strategic decisions. This role requires planning, senior-level hiring, coordinating, and managing diverse stakeholders (internal and external) with the ability to negotiate and resolve on-ground challenges. Ability to assess enquiries/actions directed to the MT, to organize, prioritize, and delegate – is essential.


Skills & Abilities Required                                                             Personality

– Personality – Listening / Empathy                                                       – Mature, calm, non-reactive

– Prior experience in hiring                                                                     – Solution-centric / Problem-solving                                                                      

– Turn-around management                                                                    – Affable / People-friendly

– Negotiation                                                                                            – Conversational / Social orientation

– Conflict resolution                                                                                  – Resourceful

– Communication                                                                                      – Proactive

– Spoken and Documented                                                                      – Adaptable / Agile

– Project/Process orientation 

– Administrative field work for special projects 

– Proficiency in MS Office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) 

– Fluency in Kannada


  1. Interested applicants should mail their CV/Resume to
  2. Use Email Subject as “Application for Job: General Manager, Office of the Managing Trustee”.
  3. Attach a covering note for why you want to take up this role.  
  4. Indicate your salary expectation.  


Job requirement: Immediate, On-site

Job location: Bangalore 

Nature of employment: Mid-Senior Level, Full-time, Contract – 1 year (Can be extended after review)

How to Apply: Use the form below to submit your details. Alternatively, you can share your LinkedIn profile or upload your CV directly to