Indian Giving Benchmarking Report

The Indian Giving Benchmarking Report is an in-depth survey of Samhita GoodCSR’s network of 2,800 nonprofit organizations about their funding sources, resource development methods, donor engagement strategies, and efforts to build a base of life-long donors. 

This report is part one of a two-part research project by UC Berkeley Director of Philanthropy and Fulbright Scholar Morry Rao Hermón, in collaboration with the Collective Good Foundation, to help fill a gap in the knowledge base about what NGOs are doing, and what is working, in the individual donor fundraising space in India.  

As a ‘benchmarking’ study, we hope that organizations will use this comprehensive data set as a practical tool for comparing their performance against the averages in the field. 

In Part II of our research, we lift up examples of three fundraising “bright spots” — exemplary organizations with proven success raising money from India’s middle class.