Pharmacies lie at the intersection of the healthcare ecosystem and the small enterprise community, both of which have come under unimaginable strain since March 2020.

Samhita, Cipla and NIIF have collaborated to tap into the enormous potential of pharmacists as a key driver of community healthcare in the country.
As a first step, Samhita and Cipla surveyed 1,141 pharmacies, spanning towns and cities across all tiers of India to understand the challenges and underlying needs of pharmacists, and the support they require to facilitate better community health. The study was shaped by the insights of Nachiket Mor, PhD.

Based on insights from the report, Samhita has partnered with National Investment and Infrastructure Fund and DigiHealth to undertake a pilot project with 220 pharmacies in Mumbai and Pune regions.

As part of this pilot:

  1. A BP Monitor and weighing scale would be provided to pharmacists to carry out a screening of walk-in customers and spread awareness on hypertension, including symptoms, treatment and required lifestyle changes 
  2. Customers would be provided access to teleconsultation at the pharmacy (or through the digihealth app to be accessed via the customer’s smartphone) with doctors
  3. Digihealth, through its mobile app and pharmacy network, would nudge communities and individuals to avail testing and follow-up on their conditions

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