Why We Need To Talk About Nano-Entrepreneurs In India

Nano entrepreneurs are people who typically run small retail or kirana shops or earn a livelihood as street vendors. They usually have not had the benefit of a college education, which prevents them from attaining formal means of employment and many shoulder debt to survive, making it even more dire for those who have faced a health or a financial crisis during the pandemic.

The challenges faced by nano entrepreneurs are different than their medium or small scale counterparts. With the line blurred between personal and business income, they are often just a nudge away from being pushed into poverty.

Samhita-CGF’s REVIVE Alliance realised the significant role & enormous potential of nano entrepreneurs in reviving India’s post-pandemic economy and since have been working with our partners to create better opportunities these cohorts.

Read the full article by our partner Michael & Susan Dell Foundation on why we need to talk about nano entrepreneurs.